Saturday, October 3, 2015

Summer is winding down

We are finally making a blog post after an unfortunate delay...hopefully more to come soon!

Simply, Isabela

Gianna has come along way and was Mary in the Christmas Pageant

Monday, December 22, 2014

Fall of the Autumn

Another Fabulous Fall for Brunnerville!

We are still exploring the fun parks around our new home.

Gianna and Isabela LOVE going to school!

The girls had a great time at the beach and loved playing in the sand and the ocean.

Gianna played a little football with her buddy Will.

And both girls had fun cheering on the Tar Heels!

 Isabela was very excited for Halloween...

 ...and made such a cute cupcake!

Gianna was one great cowgirl partner!

 The cowgirl and the cupcake brought in a haul trick or treating!

 We had fun jumping in leaves, enjoying the last remnants of Autumn...

...and they are excited for Christmas!

The Brunners Four

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Friday, July 18, 2014

Summer time...

 Gianna went to art camp and had a great time - she made some puppets and a stage and we've had a few plays at home!

Isabela received a new "BIG" Minnie and often has more than one nearby.

We continue to get settled in our new home and the girls have been very helpful in putting some of our new stuff together!

 We have a great U-Pick fruit farm near bye and the girls helped pick almost 10 pounds of blueberries, with most of them making it to the bucket (not so much in Isabela's case).

We had a great trip out to YaYa and Papa's house and had some time to rest and relax.

The girls had fun riding some horses...wheeee! 

Gianna reconnected with Nani's Rudolph and had a nice lunch with him.

Isabela was pretty excited to celebrate Gianna's birthday! (yum!) 

Isabela really enjoyed playing with the rocks in the "Ocean" at the "Beach." 

We did some more fruit picking on Whidbey Island - this time raspberries and everyone pitched in!

Gianna and Millie had such a great time together and played so nicely. 

We stopped in a nice little coastal town called La Conner and the kids were looking in the water for fish.

We had a fun visit to Carkeek Park - what a view! 

Daddy helped Gianna and Millie avoid getting caught in the tides.  

The girls did well travelling, and Isabela was helping push her big sister along through the airport.

The girls tried to stay cool in the heat - in a unique way. 

We put some pictures up... 

...and our new house is becoming more of a home.
Sending smiles and Love from Brunnerville!

The Brunners Four

Saturday, June 7, 2014


There have been some big changes in Brunnerville!

 We celebrated TT and Matt's wedding in California and the girls were fabulous flower girls!
Gianna and Isabela enjoyed the last few days in our old home.

 The girls were very excited about our new home.

 They quickly felt comfortable in our new home.

 It took a little bit longer for the girls to warm up to the other kids in our cul-de-sac.
 But they eventually warmed up and now we usually have a play date every evening.

We had a fun visit with YaYa and Papa.  Gianna and Isabela brought them to a Tar Heel Baseball game and took them on the field after a Tar Heel Victory.

Gianna had a field trip to a local strawberry patch and graciously brought along her little sister - who picked strawberries...

...but those strawberries didn't necessarily make it home.

We had two great visits with our good friends the Hobbs - one at their new home in Charlotte!
And one back in Durham.

Gianna and her best bud Will.

 And Isabela cheezing with Lila!

  We had a great time at our buddy Win's birthday party - Isabela flew a plane...

 ...piloted a boat....

 ...and rode in a jeep.

The Beautiful Brunner girls had a blast riding the train.

The girls were very patriotic on Memorial Day.


The Brunners Four